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How It Works..

How exactly does this course work?

Keeping in mind our students are young, our programs are designed in a very unique combination format:

A) We know how difficult it is to entertain young kids, so every musical concept, song and exercise is taught through a fun story, game or activity.

B) We know it’s difficult to make young kids sit for 1- hr classes – so Lessons divided into 10-min video units , that are accessible 24×7 – so you can do from home, any time, any day.

C) Milestone Checks/ Assessments every 5-6 units ensure your child is learning correctly and well.

D) Use our inbuilt record feature to get detailed 1:1 feedback from the teacher.

E) Schedule 1-on-1 live online sessions of ~20 min as you cross certain # milestone units.

This format has been created 

This is a hybrid course consisting of animated lessons  + actual teacher feedback for every submission + live interactions. Our curriculum and content has been designed by music and education experts to work with minimal teacher intervention.   

What will you teach?

Our curriculum is based on Indian music. Completing our programs will give your kid and introduction and exposure to all elements of music – like singing, rhythm, knowing about different styles and instruments. The lessons will ensure a great foundation as your child pursues any type of vocal or instrumental learning once they are ready.

Concepts and exercises in the forms of interactive and engaging stories, activities, songs ensure that your child will love doing Tootly lessons everyday.

Once you login, you can access guided daily plan of videos to be seen. Spend 10 min a dayYou are free to choose the days and time at which on which you go through these videos yourself. The pace, language and visuals are age-appropriate for 3 yrs onwards. As they watch, listen, do and sing with the Tootly character, children start effectively learning and practising vocal exercises, rhythm patterns etc. All aspects of learning, revision, assessments, creativity and performance are woven into the content. Parents are not expected nor required to teach the child themselves. Our courses can be accessed easily on any device, without any special app.

Please schedule a demo or check sample videos to know more.  

Why should I choose this format over a typical physical or online class?

Our online, self-paced format addresses common issues faced in through usual methods (online or offline) – finding a good teacher nearby or the logistics of going to a physical class every week; and shorter attention spans, managing multiple schedules, less personal attention, mental and physical fatigue etc in an online class.

Tootly’s method not only helps you solve these problems, but also learn better.

Music (or any art or sport) can be learnt effectively only with regularity, consistency over a period of time, and most importantly, developing a keen interest. Our available 24×7, bite-sized, engaging lessons allow your child to do just that.

Here are our Top 5 reasons:

a) learning continuously and regularly is more effective and faster than attending 1 or 2 classes every week

b) learning through an engaging curriculum nurtures the interest in music for longer 

c) going as fast or slow as they want puts less pressure on the child

d) learning in a bite-size, incremental method helps the understand and remember better

e) lessons, feedback and live interactions are customised for every child

100% flex schedule

Each child learns at their own pace. Get the freedom to learn faster or slower.

Engaging Content

All our 550+ minutes of lesson content is made especially for young kids - stories, games or songs that deliver real concepts.


Learning in small increments, but more regularly, is helping kids learn better. And it works out great for working parents too.

Minimal adult intervention

Features such as voice-overs, automatic resume, auto-stop etc. ensure kids can do their lessons independently.

Live Meets

Our regular live 1-1 interactions will give your child the best and most focussed attention that they deserve.

Continuous Feedback

A real teacher will go through your homework and give you qualitative and actionable feedback.

Device independent, On-the-Go

No app downloads! Access your content from any and multiple devices.

We care

Whether its setting up calendars for you or a free extra live session, we love to help in any way we can.

Will my child interact with a Teacher?

There are 2 types of interactions between students and Tootly teachers. 

1) Asynchronous feedback: regular ‘assignments’ embedded within the course prompt children to submit audio recordings as they learn various songs and concepts. An actual teacher will go through these and give you personalised and timely comments and feedback.

2) Live meets: based on milestone completions, there are 3 live interactions scheduled with Tootly teachers in the course. This is a chance for the children to meet the teachers, her peers and perform with/ for them too. We promise it will be just as fun as the offline lessons.    

Can my child learn by just watching a few videos everyday?

In the early years, children learn almost everything through play and imitation. Think of how they learn to speak, pick up motor skills etc? Not by reading a manual, but by watching, listening, copying, and then doing. This is exactly how our content is designed too. Learning, revision, assessment, gradual progression, integration across concepts – is all taken care of in our well thought out and time-tested curriculum. 

What is the medium of Instruction?

The medium of instruction is English (as are all the songs). Tootly programme draws inspiration from Indian classical music, but consciously incorporates universal music principles so that the programme can be useful in whatever the child chooses int he future – western, carnatic, hindustani or vocal/ instrumental. We also listen to a wide variety of music genres and instruments as part of the programme. 

We use the Indian music notation system – children are taught the new symbols as part of the course and have absolutely no problems in identifying and reading these. 

Can my child learn without a Teacher?

Yes, we believe children learn best when they are happy and comfortable. Of course, a teacher can help do that but the practicality of changing a young child’s routine around an online class schedule can quickly become stressful. The same child, doing 10 minutes of Tootly music, when they want to, learns much better. Because there is no scheduled ‘class’ the child is free to learn at her pace, while effectively being more regular in her learning.

How do I know if my child will learn/ sing well?

Almost no child is a-musical. And all children enjoy music right from birth. In early years, children learn by imitation and can learn music similarly. Beginning earlier than later gives a great advantage.

Learning to sing is the same as learning to paint, learning to run, is about doing the right exercises for the vocal muscles. Young children have flexible minds and muscles. At this age, when the child’s language and speech capabilities are developing, vocal training can add to the understanding of tonality and stress even in speaking. Most great musicians started as early as age 3, or earlier too. 

Our online courses can serve as a great introduction and launchpad into a more formal path fo learning. Kids upto even 7 year old have taken our courses and loved them. In our live classes, we try to group kids of a similar age together so that kids have fun with their classmates too.  

We are not trained in music. Can my child still learn? 

Absolutely, and you may end up learning some with your child now! Even in the absence of musicians at home, children are perfectly capable of learning music, just as they are capable of learning anything else. Having the parent take an interest in what they learn motivates and encourages the child a lot.  

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