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Why Do Children Learn so Fast!

Remember when your child was born – and they learnt to cry and tell you they need something? Remember how they learnt to quickly recognise you and smile? How they learnt to lift themselves up and put one foot after the other..and walk?

The list goes on…a child’s life is about continuously observing, imitating, learning and remembering. That’s the only way they survive, they thrive. If you think back, you might clearly remember a song or mantra you learnt in your childhood, but you probably can’t remember the entire grocery list without noting it down somewhere!

The most fascinating part about a child’s learning is that it’s always ON.  What is it that makes this phase so special?

  • The number of neural connections in children under 5 yrs is almost double that of an average adult! That means children can learn twice as much or twice as quickly compared to an adult!
  • Unlike adults, children are not extremely hung up on understanding the technique before learning – rather, they learn by imitation. This style of learning works very well for learning social skills, language, music, etc.
  • Memory is a key part of learning, and children retain what they like and connect to. You might have noticed how even your toddler (who can’t read a storybook yet) can recount a story she likes.
  • Visual and sound cues help children learn, since they learn something as whole, and not in subjects or topics like adults do! So having associated pictures and songs helps children learn effectively and remember well.

What this means for parents and teachers is to (a) recognise the immense potential for learning in this age; and (b) ensure learning is holistic whether it’s from time with you or from school or a hobby class. 

Have you found such awesome classes or activities to do with your kids? Let us know in the comments.

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