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Why Do Children Learn so Fast!

Remember when your child was born – and they learnt to cry and tell you they need something? Remember how they learnt to quickly recognise you and smile? How they learnt to lift themselves up and put one foot after the other..and walk? The list goes on…a child’s life is about continuously observing, imitating, learning […]


(Why) Is Classical Music Relevant? Classical music is often seen as outdated or inaccessible to younger generations, but in reality, it holds a wealth of relevance for children and the next generation. From its influence on popular music to its benefits for cognitive development and emotional well-being, classical music has a lot to offer young […]


In this blog, we’ll explore some tips and ideas for bonding activities you can do with your child. As parents, finding the time to connect with our kids can be challenging, but it’s essential for their emotional and social development and for our peace of mind. Find that sweet spot in the day when you know you’ll be together and be committed by putting away all distractions.

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