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Tootly Teachers (Administrator) November 1, 2023 at 8:37 am

Dear Adwetha,

Looks like you’ve collected a box full of sa, re, ga ma…with Mo and Mi too !
Keep up the good work and here are some favourites that Mo and Mi have sent for you! 🌟🌈🔫🐒

Dear Parent,

The seven notes that your child has just learnt are the basis of all (yes, all) music. While the language used here is Indian, the seven notes are universal to any form of music and this set is also known as an octave (in western music) or saptak (in Indian music). What you may have heard as solfege (in western music) or sargam (in Indian music) is nothing more than the use of these notes (literally – sargam = sa re ga ma..)

Notes: We’re happy Adwetha could recollect the names of the notes on her own but we’d love for her to work a bit more on pitch accuracy and control.

Adwetha has an excellent voice, and can use her volume and breath well if she consciously controls it. We’d encourage you to replay her video for herself and see if she feels she can use a more ‘singing’ vs ‘shouting’ voice. Rather than correcting them every time, we try to make the child themselves sensitive to these aspects as part of their learning.

Further, as mentioned in the previous feedback as well, please start the habit of listening and then singing with the reference audio. Listening and singing back with the teacher/ Tootly not only helps the kids with the right pitch and lyrics (without worrying to recreate from memory) but also helps develop the habit of hearing a sound and being able to reproduce it correctly.

Look forward to hearing more from Adwetha. The first teacher meet is due after completion of Day 5 – please check if you have scheduled one, and if not – do schedule one from your dashboard. We’d love to meet you. Please ignore if this was completed already.

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