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Tootly Teachers (Administrator) May 1, 2023 at 8:53 am

Dear Adith,

Welcome to the course and so glad to see your first recording here! Did you have fun making funny faces with FunnyMouth? I see you’ve sung quite well! Keep up the good work and here are some stars FunnyMouth and Tootly have sent for you ✨✨✨✨✨

Dear Parent,
Welcome to the course. We hope your child is enjoying the learning process and is getting comfortable with the Tootly user interface. Please feel free to ask us any questions in this regard. We’ll do what we can to ensure you are able to continue smoothly.

Adith has a good, strong voice. This first exercise is to help kids free up their voices, become conscious to their ‘singing’ (vs talking, shouting) voice and understand the listen-sing mode of learning. Please see our point-wise feedback below:

Confidence and Independence – good
Understanding of the concept or exercise – excellent
Pitching – very good (see note below)*
Rhythm – not applicable for this exercise
Overall control (volume, breath etc) – excellent
Pronunciation/ recollection of lyrics – excellent

We are glad you are doing the lead-follow method of listenign and singing sincerely. Do continue this for the first 3-4 assignments. Feel free to also record using part 3 of the recording video, where you sing on your own.

Listening and singing back with the teacher/ Tootly not only helps the kids with the right pitch and lyrics (without worrying to recreate from memory) but also helps develop the habit of hearing a sound and being able to reproduce it correctly.

Adith – we are very happy you remember what Tootly told us in the very first lesson – about music being what sounds nice and about how to use our voices – not too soft and not too loud either. Keep that in mind every time you sing.

Look forward to meeting Adith soon. Please book a live meet from your dashboard (instructions will be sent on email too) once the child finishes Day 5.

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