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Tootly Teachers (Administrator) October 15, 2023 at 6:52 am

hi Dhriti; you have sung well, but why have you sent us this song instead of your day 23 assignment?
Do complete it and email it to [email protected]

Tootly Teachers (Administrator) October 19, 2023 at 8:17 am

Dear Dhriti,

What a lovely musical intro you’ve made about your self! This is excellent work, and Tootly sends you RED stars just like you said (check the next whatsapp message from Tootly!)

Dear Parent,
This is an experiment in the third stage of learning music – the three stages being – imitate, sing independently, and finally create something of your own. Now that the notes are firmly established in the children’s minds and (throat) muscles – they do not have to depend on a particular song and can apply them to any other song too. This opens the gates to be able to learn any new song as you progress.

Dhriti has done really well. Please see our point wise feedback below:
Confidence and Independence – excellent
Understanding of the concept or exercise – excellent
Singing/ Pitching – excellent
Rhythm – excellent
Overall control (volume, breath etc) – excellent
Pronunciation/ recollection of lyrics – excellent

Notes: none, all good 🙂

You can now experiment with the words and create many more songs about yourself, your family members, friends etc! Do record and send some for us to enjoy too!

Look forward to hearing more from Dhriti.

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