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(Why) Is Classical Music Relevant?

Classical music is often seen as outdated or inaccessible to younger generations, but in reality, it holds a wealth of relevance for children and the next generation. From its influence on popular music to its benefits for cognitive development and emotional well-being, classical music has a lot to offer young listeners.

Ye Cheez Kya Hai?

First off, the ‘classical’ is called that as it is based on compositions or principles established long, long ago. It exists in all parts of the world – the better known ones being western classical music (the symphonies, orchestras etc) and Indian classical music (with a northern and southern style of presentation).

One of the most compelling reasons to introduce children to classical music is its connection to popular music. Many popular songs and genres have their roots in classical music – they use classical instruments like sitar, tabla, flute, piano, violin etc and the tunes are based on certain raags to invoke certain emotions.

Classical music also has a multitude of benefits for cognitive development and emotional well-being. Studies have shown that listening to classical music can improve focus, memory, and language skills in children. It can also reduce stress and anxiety, and improve mood.

Furthermore, classical music can inspire creativity and imagination in children. It can help them develop a sense of beauty and appreciation for art, and foster a lifelong love of music. By introducing children to classical music at a young age, we can give them a foundation for a lifetime of musical exploration and enjoyment.

Finally, classical music is a time-tested discipline passed down from generations, over hundreds of years. It is not only a connection back to our own culture, but also a great way to teach kids the importance of perseverance and discipline. Most classical artists train rigorously over many years!

Tu summarise, ye cheez badi hai mast! (yes we know that’s cheez-y)

You will be surprised to know the classical connections behind many popular tunes you hear!

So while you may never have heard a purely classical music concert, there’s a good chance you’ve experienced the power of classical music without realising it! Its never too late to delve a bit deeper and listen to more classical instruments and artists. More importantly, its definitely not too late to introduce this wonderful world of music, without any biases to your child.
This series is continued with our note on how and where to start with classical music exposure

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